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The church, an historic edifice, repaired in 1717 and 1804, and enlarged in 1837, is a substantial and neat constructing, adapted for a congregation of about 300 persons. The parochial faculty affords instruction to about seventy youngsters; the master has a salary of £28, with £20 charges, and a home and backyard. Several children of the parish, on account of their distance from this faculty, attend the schools of Westruther and Melrose. A small library, supported by subscription, is progressively vibrators for stimulating the strap on wearer extending its assortment; and the parish often contributes to the assorted missionary schemes which are underneath the management of the General Assembly. On a small mount, richly wooded, and previously surrounded by the lake of Corsbie, which has been drained, are the stays of an historical citadel, the residence of the lords of the barony; there are additionally, at Whitslaid, comparable stays of a baronial castle.
The date of their basis is unknown; but they are thought to have been erected in the reign of James II. Upon the summit of Legerwood hill are traces of a camp alleged to be Roman, and there are vestiges of one other on Birkenside hill; however they’ve been each a lot defaced by the plough, and have nearly disappeared underneath the modern improvements in cultivation. On the hill of Boon is an upright shaft of sandstone, rising from a block of the identical materials; it is called Dods Corse Stane, and is claimed to be an historic cross, mentioning the location of a market formerly held right here, or the place the place a duel was once fought. LEITHOLM, a village, within the parish of Eccles, county of Berwick, 5 miles (N. W.) from Coldstream; containing 365 inhabitants.
A treasurer, and a city-officer to whom the police is entrusted, are appointed by the magistrates, who hold their courts in a constructing used additionally for the purpose of a masonic lodge; and there is a gaol lately erected, however seldom used. The institution of a weekly market has been tried, however hitherto with out success, except for the sale of grain, which, when purchased for exportation, is sent to Montrose and Gourdon. Markets, additionally, for sheep, cattle, and horses, have been just lately established, commencing on the second Monday after the primary November honest, and continuing to be held on the second Monday of every month till the April honest.
There are numerous properly-stored retailers; and lots of individuals are engaged within the varied trades requisite for the lodging of the adjacent district, and for the big traffic which the place derives from its place on an excellent public thoroughfare. A post-workplace underneath that of Falkirk has been established right here, and there’s each facility of communication with the neighbouring cities. In the village is a spot of worship for members of the Reformed Presbytery; and there are several faculties, of which one was erected by the late Lord Dundas. LETHAM, a village, in the parish of Dunnichen, county of Forfar, 5 miles (E. by S.) from Forfar; containing 745 inhabitants. It is pleasantly situated, and frequently constructed, containing many neat and several other handsome houses, inhabited mainly by individuals engaged in manufactures, and within the various handicraft trades requisite for the availability of the district.

The summits of these eminences are barren, the cultivated floor lying on the southern and northern slopes, and within the beds of the valleys, the lowest parts of which are only 500 feet above the extent of the sea. The locality is well watered with rivulets usually flowing from west to east, and falling into the principal stream, the burn of Leochel, which, after a quite circuitous route of several miles by way of the parish, falls into the Don at Alford. All these waters abound with trout, especially the Leochel; and regularly, by their sudden and violent floodings, they event much damage to the bridges and the adjoining lands.
LETHNOTT and NAVAR, a parish, within the county of Forfar, 7 miles (N. W.) from Brechin; containing, with the hamlet of Balfield, 400 inhabitants. These two historic parishes, united in 1723, measure in length, from north-west to south-east, fifteen miles, and are about 5 miles in average breadth. The complete comprehends solely 2324 acres beneath cultivation, the remainder being intensive hills and moorland in a state of undivided widespread, and used as sheep-walks.
The building, erected in 1805, by subscription, is a handsome construction two tales in height, with two projecting porticos of two columns each, rising from a rustic basement; it is surmounted by a square turret, ornamented at the angles with columns of the Ionic order, and topped by a graceful dome. There are varied other schools, of which one for 120 boys, one other for 80 ladies, and an infant school by which are 170 children under the administration of girls, are supported by voluntary subscription. in 1612 transferred the funds of the ancient preceptory of St. Anthony, with other endowments, has been long underneath the patronage of the Kirk Session, for the reduction of poor widows, and indigent members of the several companies.
The greatest discouragements to the farmers are, the rugged and uneven state of the roads, and the gap of a markettown, the nearest being Brechin, to which, moreover, the highway lies across a steep hill. Lord Panmure, the principal proprietor, in order to encourage his tenants on this parish and those of Edzell and Lochlee, several years since instituted an annual show of sheep and cattle, at which premiums are awarded for the best specimens.
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landed here together with his queen, Anne of Denmark; he arrived in the roads on the 1st of May, however was compelled, from need of lodging in the city, to remain on board until the sixth, in the course of the preparation of Holyrood palace for his reception. The town was erected right into a free and unbiased burgh of barony by royal constitution, vesting the federal government in a bailie and 4 councillors elected triennially by the burgesses, and granting the privilege of a weekly market and an annual truthful. The jurisdiction of the magistrates in civil instances has not been clearly defined, and scarcely any have been introduced before them for choice; but in legal circumstances their jurisdiction is exercised in petty delinquencies subject to small fines, though these have not in lots of cases been enforced.
This faculty was afterwards united to that of St. Salvator; and the buildings and grounds of the traditional hospital of St. Leonard were sold, and the edifice subsequently transformed into two separate dwelling-homes, forming good-looking residences for the respective proprietors. LEOCHEL and CUSHNIE, a parish, within the district of Alford, county of Aberdeen, 3½ miles (S. S. W.) from Alford; containing 1084 inhabitants. These two historic parishes, the etymology of the names of which is altogether uncertain, had been united in 1618, by a decreet of the lords of Plat; but this union was dissolved about three years subsequently, by the influence of Bishop Patrick Forbes, a central church for the 2 districts not having been built according to the conditions of the annexation. In 1793, however, a process of annexation was commenced on the a part of the heritors; and a decreet was handed by the Court of Teinds on the 28th January, 1795, for the union, in consequence of which, two years afterwards, a central church was constructed.

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It is located within the western a part of the parish, about a mile north of the high road from Cupar to Collessie; and is a substantial village, of which the population is chiefly engaged within the weaving of linen. A large subscription faculty passion thin strap crotchless sheer white bodystocking was established right here in 1821; and there’s a miscellaneous circulating library, in addition to a non secular library within the vestry of the parish church, which is about half a mile distant.
The home, additionally, belonging to the consultant of the Scottish Mining Company, is a handsome constructing in tastefully-disposed pleasure-grounds, surrounded by thriving plantations of beech, larch, mountain and common ash, elm, and different timber. A library established in 1741 is well supported, and has a collection of nearly 2000 volumes. The lands close i rub my duckie lay on discreet waterproof vibrator in wild tiger duck shape to the village aren’t by nature fertile; however a substantial a part of them has been brought into profitable cultivation by spade labour, and good crops of potatoes, with hay and summer season grass, are raised by the trade of the individuals working within the mines, to whom the proprietor provides parts of land hire-free.
The system of agriculture is very improved, the farm-buildings typically substantial and properly organized, and the woods and plantations thriving. The substratum is a stiff clay, resting mainly upon a bed of hard rock; and from an experiment recently made, it has been ascertained that coal and ironstone exist, but in seams too thin to remunerate the trouble of working them. The city was plundered in 1544 by the English forces beneath the Earl of Hertford, who had landed at Royston with an army of 10,000 men, and who, after securing the entire of the vessels in the harbour, and leaving 1500 of his soldiers here, superior to Edinburgh, on his return from which, previously to the embarkation of his troops, he set fireplace to Leith. The place suffered an identical calamity in 1547, from the same leader, then Duke of Somerset, who seized thirty-five vessels at that time within the Frith. In 1549, the French General D’Esse landed at Leith with a force of 6000 men, for the help of the queen regent towards the lords of the congregation, and strongly fortified the town, which the lords fruitlessly endeavoured to take by escalade, however which subsequently surrendered by capitulation.
The extra ancient part, situated between Kirkgate-street and the river, consists chiefly of narrow lanes and alleys of mean homes, inhabited only by persons of the lowest order; however that portion of the city which is of extra modern date is uniformly constructed, containing good-looking houses; and the general public buildings are of elegant character. Kirkgate-road, during which are the church of South Leith and the Trinity House, varieties a continuation of Leith Walk, a noble line of method from Edinburgh, and accommodates a number of remnants of antiquity, among which was until recently the mansion of the Balmerino family, now demolished, where Charles II. slept on the night time of his arrival in Scotland by invitation from the Scottish parliament, in 1650.
After Cromwell’s return to England, General Monk, his commander-in-chief, built a robust fortress here known as the Citadel, at an expense of £10,000; but the website of this fortress, which was in the form of a pentagon, with bastions on the angles, and having an entrance towards the east, is now occupied by the buildings of the docks and the Mariners’ church, lately erected. During the residence of Monk within the town, he induced a number of English families to settle here, who contributed tremendously towards the establishment of its subsequent commercial prosperity. The parish is washed on the south-west by the river Teith, and on the east by the river Allan, both tributaries of the Forth, by which it’s bounded on the south.
A public library is supported by subscription, and has a group of greater than 500 volumes of works on faith, morals, historical past, and basic literature, several of which have been donations from individuals interested in its success. The principal commerce carried on is the weaving of the coarse linen cloth known as Osnaburghs, and the finer sorts of linen for shirting and sheeting, by which great numbers of females are employed. In connexion with these, a mill has been erected within top 3 bedroom bondage kits for beginners the Den of Letham, near the village, the works of which are propelled by the Vinney water, for spinning lint and tow into yarn. Several makes an attempt have been made to introduce energy-looms, however hitherto with out impact, the weaving being still carried on in the houses of the weavers, a lot of whom have small farms, or portions of land, which they cultivate at their leisure hours for well being and amusement.
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The submit-office has a tolerably good supply; and facility of communication with Montrose, Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee, and the city of Edinburgh, is afforded by roads stored in wonderful restore.
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It was besieged by the English in 1560; and two of the mounds raised by the troops on that event, and from which they discharged their artillery, are nonetheless to be seen on the Links. In 1561, Mary, Queen of Scots, upon her return from France, landed right calypso fantasy adhesive face jewel stickers here on the twentieth of August, and, after remaining for a number of hours to relaxation from the fatigue of the voyage, proceeded to Edinburgh, the place she was received with joyful acclamations.
  • The village is pleasantly situated on the street to Edinburgh, and consists of a good-looking sq., and a number of other wellformed streets intersecting each other at proper angles; the homes are properly constructed, and of contemporary look, and from its elevated site the surrounding scenery is extensive.
  • This place, originally calledNew Merchiston, from Francis, Lord Napier, Baron of Merchiston, on whose lands it was inbuilt 1756, received the name of Laurencetoun, of which its current appellation is a contraction, from Sir Laurence Dundas, afterwards proprietor of the estate, and whose descendant, the Earl of Zetland, is the present lord.
  • LAURIESTON, a village, in the parish of Falkirk, county of Stirling, 1½ mile (E.) from Falkirk; containing 1198 inhabitants.
  • There are numerous properly-stored retailers; and lots of individuals are engaged in the various trades requisite for the lodging of the adjacent district, and for the big site visitors which the place derives from its place on a fantastic public thoroughfare.

Connected with the manufacture is a linen-hall, which has for some time been appropriated as a schoolroom, and on the Sunday as a place of worship for a congregation of Seceders. The variety of youngsters attending the college varies from eighty to 100; and many of the children employed within the spinning-mill are taught the rudiments of general learning. Near the Den of Letham graves have been found, containing huge numbers of human bones, and several other urns, which crumbled into mud on exposure to the ambiance. LESLIE, a parish and manufacturing city, within the district of Kirkcaldy, county of Fife; containing 3625 inhabitants, of whom 2000 are within the city, 9 miles (N. by W.) from Kirkcaldy, and 20 (N.) from Edinburgh.
The earls of Mar appear to have been the first possessors of land in Leochel of whom any account stays, Gilchrist, Earl of Mar, having, between the years 1165 and 1170, given to the church of St. Mary, Monymusk, and the Culdees there, the church of Leochel, with all its tithes and choices, and the portion of land during which the church was located. The most historic and the principal estates in the district of Leochel are those of Corse, Craigievar, Easter Fowlis or Fowlis-Mowat, Wester Fowlis, and Lynturk; these in Cushnie are, Cushnie, and Hallhead. The lands of Corse are regionally within the adjoining parish of Coull, but are annexed quoad sacra to this parish, a union alleged to have taken place about 1621, when Leochel and Cushnie had been disunited by the exertions of Bishop Forbes.

The nice highway from Stirling to Perth, Aberdeen, and the Highlands passes via the parish; the Forth is navigable to Stirling for vessels drawing six or seven feet water, and the projected northern branch from the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway to Perth will most likely intersect the parish. The ecclesiastical affairs are beneath the superintendence of the presbytery of Dunblane and synod of Perth and Stirling. The church, built in 1827, is a good-looking structure within the later English type, with a sq. embattled tower embellished with sculptured figures of some of the Scottish reformers, in high-reduction, executed by Holmes, of Ayrshire. The parochial school embraces a very full course of classical and industrial instruction; the master has a wage of £34, with a home and garden, and the charges, averaging £12 each year. An infants’ college is supported by the Stirling household; and the poor till these days had the proceeds of a number of bequests, yielding £7 each year.
In conjunction with Newhaven, Portobello, and Musselburgh, the burgh returns a member to parliament. In 1643, the solemn league and covenant was zealously subscribed by the inhabitants, who almost completely embraced the doctrines of the reformed religion. During the continuance of the plague in 1645, not lower than 2430 individuals fell victims to its ravages, and, for want of room in the churchyards, have been buried in the Links, where immense quantities of human bones, wrapped in blankets, have at various instances been found. In 1650, the city was taken possession of by the military of Cromwell, who made it their head-quarters, and levied monthly contributions on the inhabitants.
Its whole extent is eleven,208 acres, of which 5455 are arable, 963 pasture, 3790 moor, and a thousand wood. The local weather is considerably chilly, inflicting the harvests to be in general quite later than those in the lower part of the district; and the surroundings partakes of the range and boldness produced by a mixture of hills, valleys, and mountains in almost uninterrupted succession. The western boundary is marked by the Soccoch, or hill of Cushnie, a mountain range rising 2000 toes above the extent of the sea, and from the base of which four lofty ridges stretch eastward throughout the whole length of the parish, each accompanied by its valley and refreshing stream.
The stipend of the minister is £250, of which £200 are secured by bond of the managers, on the part of the congregation, who are the patrons, and the remainder is variable based on the state of the funds. The church, erected by subscription in 1773, is a neat structure containing 1000 sittings, of which sixty are free. A faculty is supported by the Kirk Session; and there are quite a few Sabbath faculties, during which about 500 kids obtain instruction. LESSUDDEN, a village, in the parish of St. Boswell’s, district of Melrose, county of Roxburgh, four miles (E. S. E.) from Melrose; containing 399 inhabitants.

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The parish appears to have been distinguished at an early period as a favourite resort of the Scottish kings, for searching and the celebration of assorted sports activities; and many of the lands are still called by appellations referring, in their Gaelic origin, to those video games, which seem to have been continued till inside a very recent period. LAURIESTON, a village, in the parish of Balmaghie, stewartry of Kirkcudbright, 6½ miles (W. N. W.) from Castle-Douglas; containing 275 inhabitants.
It lies in the japanese extremity of the parish, close to the Leet water, the boundary on that side, and is on the high highway from Kelso to Berwick. LEITH, WATER OF, a village, in that part of the parish of St. Cuthbert, city of Edinburgh, which formed the late quoad sacra parish of Dean, county of Edinburgh; containing 1024 inhabitants. This place is within the instant neighborhood of the Leith Water, whence the identify; and is a western suburb of town of Edinburgh, which see.
The soil generally is clay and loam on a tilly bottom, producing barley and oats, and the same old green crops; but no wheat is ever sown. The greater grounds aren’t so much loaded with the particles of the hills as the decrease, whither it is introduced down by the rains and streams; however the soil there’s extra gravelly, and far thinner, and the worth of the farms within the hilly part consequently relies upon mainly upon the proper to hill pasture. The inclosures are of stone, and are mostly in good situation; the chief deficiency is in the farm-buildings, that are very indifferent. Vast improvements have taken place inside the last twenty-five years, in reclaiming, draining, and liming the lands; and in some districts the extent of ground underneath tillage has been nearly doubled.
The floor is intersected by a high financial institution or ridge, stretching in a path parallel with the north aspect, and which divides the parish into two distinct portions, the lower being wealthy carse land, and the extra elevated of a dry mild soil. From this financial institution is obtained an intensive and varied prospect of the adjacent nation, including, in the foreground, the waters of the Teith, the Allan, and the Forth, flowing in a single united stream, between wooded banks, via a tract of fine open champaign studded with well-cultivated farms having hedge-rows interspersed with stately timber. On the opposite facet of the valley seem the fort of Stirling, masking the summit of a precipitous rock; the rocks of Craigforth and Abbeycraig; the tower of Cambuskenneth Abbey; the bridge of Stirling; and the meadows on the banks of the Forth, adorned by handsome villas and pleasure-grounds; with the hills of Falkirk in the distance. The Ochils are seen on the east, the mountains of Benvoirlich on the north, and Ben-Ledi and Ben-Lomond on the west. The soil of the carse land is extraordinarily wealthy, and that of the uplands, though of lighter quality, is fertile; the crops are, wheat, barley, oats, peas, beans, potatoes, and turnips, with flax, ryegrass, and clover.
The Town Hall, erected in 1827, at in regards to the centre of Constitution-avenue, is a good-looking building comprising handy rooms for holding the sheriff’s courts, and offices for transacting the police business of the burgh. The Trinity House, now called the Mariners’ Hospital, situated in Kirkgate-street, was erected on the location of the ancient constructing designated Trinity Hospital, in 1817, at an expense of £2500. In the hall where the masters hold their conferences are some good work, together with portraits of the queen regent, Lord Duncan, and others; and in another of the rooms is an ancient view of the town. The Council Chambers, which have been rebuilt on the location of the ancient structure, type a neat building in the Norman style of structure, and comprise several nicely-aired residences for the confinement of prisoners, in addition to the burgh courtroom-home.
There are additionally a dispensary, a humane society, and varied other non secular and benevolent associations, including a Bible Society, a British and Foreign Bible Society, a Sabbath School Society, and a Religious Tract Society. LEEDS, NEW, a village, within the parish of Strichen, district of Deer, county of Aberdeen, 12½ miles (W. N. W.) from Peterhead; containing 203 inhabitants. This village lies in the japanese extremity of the parish, and on the high street from Aberdeen to Fraserburgh. The parish is situated in the higher a part of the district of Alford, and is rendered extremely irregular in its define by a projection on the north-west, and one other on the east, independently of which it measures about five miles from east to west, and three and a half from north to south.
It is located almost within the centre of the parish, and incorporates quite a few flats splendidly embellished, and an image-gallery seventy ft in size, having a useful collection of paintings by the first masters; the grounds are tastefully laid out, and the gardens and hot-houses are intensive and productive. Bridge of Allan, a spot of trendy resort for invalids frequenting the mineral waters of Airthrie, is partly inside the parish, by which there isn’t any different village. An in depth bleaching institution at Keirfield, performed upon essentially the most scientific ideas, affords employment to just about 100 persons, underneath the quick superintendence of the proprietor. A flour-mill is in operation, in addition to a mill for grinding oats and barley, each having machinery of probably the most approved sort pushed by the river Allan; and there’s a fishery, mainly for salmontrout, producing a rental of about £20 each year.
Other houses are stated to have been the occasional residence of the queen regent and of Oliver Cromwell. Parallel with Kirkgate-street is Constitution-road, a handsome and really uniform range of buildings, joined at one extremity by St. Bernard’s-street, from which Balticstreet branches off, leading into Salamander-avenue. Great Junction-street, conducting to the fort, is a spacious avenue; and there are numerous different common and wellformed streets. The city is lighted with gasoline, and amply equipped with water, which is carried by pipes to the houses. The parish is in the presbytery of Lauder and synod of Merse and Teviotdale, and in the patronage of Henry Ker Seymer, Esq.; the minister’s stipend is £205.

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The title of Lessudden, though often given to the parish, is extra appropriately applied to this village. The air is salubrious; and from the advantages the village possesses, it’s likely to increase in extent and population. A subscription library, containing greater than a thousand volumes, was established right here in 1799, under the patronage of Sir David Erskine, of Dryburgh Abbey. This parish derives its title a guide to the main types of cock rings from the dedication of its historic church, and seems to have had its origin within the frequent pilgrimages made by massive numbers of devotees to go to the relics of St. Andrew, deposited by Regulus, a Grecian monk, within the church of St. Andrew in the city of that title.

LEMPITLAW, a village, in the parish of Sprouston, district of Kelso, county of Roxburgh, 2½ miles (S. E.) from Sprouston; containing 119 inhabitants. This place was the pinnacle of the barony of Lempitlaw, which was formerly a definite parish; at what particular time it was annexed to the parish of Sprouston just isn’t exactly known. The village is on the street from Kelso to Coldstream, a short distance from the Tweed, which flows westward of it, and consists mainly of a few small farmhouses in indifferent situations, and about twenty-5 neatly-built cottages, inhabited by persons principally employed in husbandry. The city, which is situated on the south aspect of the Frith of Forth, at the inflow of the Water of Leith, is of considerable extent, and has within the last few years been significantly improved by the erection of several spacious and properly-fashioned streets, crossing one another at right angles.
LEADHILLS, an ecclesiastical district, inside the parish of Crawford, Upper ward of the county of Lanark; containing about 1200 inhabitants, of whom 950 are within the village, 18 miles (W. N. W.) from Moffat. The village derives its name from its scenario in an attention-grabbing valley surrounded by hills that abound with mineral produce, of which the principal is lead-ore; the hills are typically coated with heath, and in direction of the south-east kind a lofty ridge, rising to an elevation of very practically 2500 feet above the level of the ocean. From the summit of this ridge is an imposing and richly-diversified prospect, embracing the Solway Frith, the Isles of Arran and Man, and the mountains of Skiddaw, Ben-Lomond, and Helvellyn, with the entire vary of the Pentland hills. The village is of strange appearance, the homes, that are chiefly inhabited by individuals employed in the mines, being positioned on eminences, or a sort of terraces. The principal mansion of significance is the Hall, a seat of the Earl of Hopetoun, whose household take their title from this place, formerly referred to as Hopetoun; it is an historical construction, and one of many wings has been transformed right into a chapel.

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The parish is surrounded by the Grampians on all sides except the east; and among the many many lofty hills the most elevated is that of Wirren, or “the Hill of springs.” The cultivated portion chiefly varieties an irregular glen watered by the West water, a tributary of the North Esk; the lands rise gradually from the stream, and stretch into the hills and mountains. The scenery is improved by about fifteen or twenty acres of wood, disposed in clumps; and within the southern quarter is a few degree ground, adjoining to rivulets, of which there are a number of on this and different elements of the parish.
It appears to owe its origin to the resort of quite a few invalids, attracted by the medicinal virtues of a robust chalybeate spring, and for whose lodging a commodious inn had been erected close to the spot. The water, which is perfectly clear, is strongly impregnated with sulphate of iron and carbonic acid, and has been found efficacious as a tonic, and in complaints of the stomach arising from obstruction and debility. In circumstances of ague, also, and in obstinate intermittents, it has proved a complete restorative, when bark and other medicines have been unavailing. The principal parochial faculty is situated right here, and a dwelling-house has been just lately erected for the master by the heritors. LETHAM, a village, within the parish of Monimail, district of Cupar, county of Fife, four miles (W. by N.) from Cupar; containing 383 inhabitants.
LAURIESTON, a village, within the parish of Falkirk, county of Stirling, 1½ mile (E.) from Falkirk; containing 1198 inhabitants. This place, initially calledNew Merchiston, from Francis, Lord Napier, Baron of Merchiston, on whose lands it was built in 1756, received the title of Laurencetoun, of which its present appellation is a contraction, from Sir Laurence Dundas, afterwards proprietor of the estate, and whose descendant, the Earl of Zetland, is the prevailing lord. The village is pleasantly located on the road to Edinburgh, and consists of a handsome butt plug enemas and douches square, and several other wellformed streets intersecting each other at right angles; the homes are well constructed, and of recent look, and from its elevated web site the surrounding surroundings is intensive. The inhabitants are mainly employed in weaving for the manufacturers of Glasgow, and within the manufacture of nails, which is carried on to a considerable extent.
LEITH, ST. JOHN’S, lately a quoad sacra parish, within the parish of South Leith, county of Edinburgh, 1½ mile (N. by E.) from Edinburgh; containing 3428 inhabitants. This parish was separated for ecclesiastical purposes by act of the General Assembly in 1834; it was about three-quarters of a mile in length, and one-quarter of a mile in breadth, and fully occupied by the buildings of the town.
The High School, situated within the south-west part of the Links, within the immediate vicinity of the city, is underneath the direction of the magistrates of the burgh, the heads of the various firms, and the ministers of the parish, to whom, as trustees, have been paid over their share of Dr. nasswalk toys for the foundation of burgh faculties on the Madras system, namely £4894. The faculty is carried out principally by a classical master and an assistant, a mathematical grasp, two masters for English, and one for writing and arithmetic, who, along with the fees, obtain sure salaries from the trustees. There have been these days added an English grasp with a wage of £50, and a writing-grasp with a salary of £30, paid from Dr. Bell’s endowment; and these teach on the Madras system.
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